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Stephen Colbert’s Interviews With Philosophers

September 30, 2011

Philosophers pretty much don’t exist in the public consciousness, but they do write some books meant to be read by the public and have broken through to be on popular TV shows every now and then. Colbert in particular has had a handful of philosophers on his show, and these interviews are very entertaining. I will post the interviews that I know about below:

  1. Colbert interviews Michael Sandel (7/20/2011)
  2. Colbert interviews AC Grayling (4/27/2011)
  3. Colbert interviews Sean Dorrance Kelly  (2/2/2011)
  4. Colbert interviews Bernard Henri Levi [Part 1] (1/12/2011)
  5. Colbert interviews Peter Singer (3/12/2009)
  6. Colbert interviews Peter Singer (12/11/2006)
  7. Colbert interviews Sam Harris (4/25/2006)

Although these are the interviews I know about, I would like to know what I’m missing.

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