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Class Warfare Against the Poor

October 1, 2011

Corporations buy off politicians and tell them, “Give me all the money you can!” They have been so successful at this that corporate welfare is greater than public welfare. This isn’t too surprising because politicians need donations to get into office and the most powerful corporations have a lot more money to spend on buying politicians than anyone else.

The result is that the rich get a bunch of subsidies, tax breaks, tax loopholes,  tax havens, and bail outs. In many cases we bail out the very people who caused our economic woes (often through illegal and risky practices). In other cases our regulators (the SEC) covers up fraud or the the wealthiest criminals settle out of court with the SEC for a lot less than they should. Moreover, the richest people are often “too big to prosecute.” It looks like wealth really does make you above the law.

After all of this we are told that the poor are to blame and will need to give up many of their “luxuries” to contribute more. We are told that those who want to take from the rich to give to the poor are engaging in class warfare against the rich. Maybe so. Maybe trying to take from the wealthy who have been getting tons of “corporate welfare” is a form of class warfare. But if that’s so, then the wealthy have already been waging class warfare for hundreds of years, and we need more class warfare against the wealthy. We can’t just let the rich keep taking whatever they want and buying all our politicians willy nilly.  We need to do something about it. And one option is to take everything we can from the rich and give it to the poor when possible. That might be a lot easier than ending the existence of corporate welfare.

I don’t want to destroy the wealth of the super rich and I don’t know that it’s even possible, but we have a long way to go before they pay their “fair share.”


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