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Did Occupy Wall Street Do Anything?

November 18, 2011

What did they change? So far, I think we have good reason to think they accomplished at least thee things:

  1. They got politicians to take notice and want to “join in” — including at least one Republican presidential candidate who claimed to be against corporate welfare.
  2. They got at least one senator to request that the constitution be changed so we can stop corporations from buying politicians.
  3. They’ve drawn attention to injustice that many people didn’t even know about before. And simply reminding people about the injustice of crony capitalism and corporate welfare is a great way to prevent politicians from “sweeping it under the rug” as a little dirty secret.

Don’t expect the Occupy movement to have immediate sweeping change for the better. It took women years of protest before they got the right to vote, and it took years of civil rights protests before we got the Civil Rights Act. We want big changes and it might take a while before we get them.

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