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What will the future be like?

December 6, 2011

What can we expect in the future? I suggest the following:

2015 TV sets will be computers that let you choose what to watch (probably using voice command) like a super Hulu.

2017 DVDs will be replaced by computers that store movies or you can watch movies from a “public” website/database. (Super Hulu.)

2020 Computers will be cell phones. You can still buy a laptop “shell” and you can put your cell phone into it to use the computer/cell phone as a typewriter and/or have a larger screen.

2022 You can control the TV, radio, and write just by thinking. Voice command will be outdated pretty fast.

2023 (e)books will give you an option to change the text to other books but still let you turn the page. (They will look and feel like normal books.)

2025 Card games will use “electronic paper” that feels like normal cards, but allows animations, interactive properties, and the option to change the cards to a different game.

2027 Anti-aging technology will be developed

2030 Chat rooms and games will let you experience virtual reality that is close to the real thing.

2035 “Cybersex” will no longer be like an interactive “text adventure.” Instead, it will be a lot more like real sex and people will wonder if it should count as “cheating.”

2040 AI will be strong enough to seem like human personalities.

2041 Robot servants and soldiers will be created.

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