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Obama took away your contitutional rights

December 26, 2011

President Barak Obama has betrayed the American people. He promised to uphold our constitutional rights. He promised to end extraordinary rendition, warrantless wiretaps, and Guantanamo Bay; but hasn’t ended any of these things. And now he says he can indefinitely detain American citizen “terror suspects” without a trial, which violates our right to a fair trail (the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution). Obama not only signed into law the military’s new power to detain American citizens, but he insisted upon it. (See the video below.)

Also of note is the biased definition of what constitutes “terrorism.” One  of the most common form of terrorism in the USA is against abortion clinics, but for some reason the government decided that it doesn’t count. (My understanding is that only Islamic terrorist suspects will be targeted by the NDAA bill.)


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