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Did Robert Bales Act Alone? How Many Soldiers Killed Innocents in Afghanistan on March 11, 2012?

March 14, 2012

We are being told that one shooter killed 16 innocent civilian in Afghanistan on March 11, 2012. This is known as “the Panjwai shooting spree” or “Kandahar shooting.” We do not know the name of the shooter who is in custody. And we do not know that there was only one shooter.

There seems to be at least one witness who only saw one soldier, but that doesn’t mean the witness saw that only one soldier was involved. According to Reuters, “There were conflicting reports of how many shooters were involved, with U.S. officials asserting that a lone soldier was responsible, in contrast to witnesses’ accounts that several U.S. soldiers were present.”

And, a “senior U.S. defense official in Washington rejected witness accounts that several apparently drunk soldiers were involved. ‘Based on the preliminary information we have this account is flatly wrong,’ the official said. ‘We believe one U.S. service member acted alone, not a group of U.S. soldiers.'”

The military says only one man acted alone. I say, “Prove it!”

Update (3/17/2012):  The name of the soldier who is accused of the crime is Robert Bales.


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