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Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor

June 18, 2012

Corporate Welfare is so normal that it’s almost unfathomable to think a huge profitable corporation wouldn’t get free money, free land, or tax breaks for building factories or facilities. They are “job creators” and we need to give them money so they create jobs in our home town rather that somewhere else—right?

If you own a small business, then you have to compete against giant corporations that get free land, free money, and huge tax breaks. The rich get an unfair advantage and those who are not super wealthy have to fight an uphill battle in the so-called “free market.” The rich supposedly deserve extra money, and the poor don’t.

We give lots of unfair benefits and free wealth to those who are already very powerful and wealthy. This could be considered to be a form of socialism—government control over our resources and factories. The government gets to decide which companies should be doing well and which ones shouldn’t. The government pays a great deal to these companies, helps build factories, and gives away free land. The companies then pocket almost all the profit for the wealthy owners and CEOs, and pay their workers the minimum they can get away with.

If we are going to have a system where socialism for the rich is so normal, where the government helps build factories, and the government is helping companies make money; then why not just have the government build factories and pay workers to produce goods instead? The government can pay workers to make cars, drill oil, and program our newest and most innovative operating systems. The workers can then be rewarded by sharing in the profits. Why not? People think it’s a horrible idea because it’s socialism. That’s not allowed! And yet we already have socialism for the rich. Why not have socialism for everyone instead of only for the rich?

Knowing how the economy actually functions—to make the rich richer and the poor poorer—makes socialism sound pretty good after all. We have the option of giving the wealthy a bunch of free money to build factories or just building our own factories for the common folk. Given that option, socialism for everyone equally sounds like a great idea—city governments can build factories for the non-super-wealthy. The workers can share the profits to incentivize them to be creative and work hard.

Some people would prefer to try to have “true capitalism.” They want a free market without corporate welfare. That is another option, but it’s never existed and it currently seems even more unlikely to happen than cities building factories for their citizens.


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