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V/H/S (2012) The Movie & Sexual Hang Ups

January 21, 2013

The movie V/H/S is a “lost footage” film slightly inspired by movies like the Blair Witch Project, but it’s an anthology featuring multiple “shorts” by various directors. None of the shorts are that bad and they kept me entertained, but I still wouldn’t call this a “good movie.” Even so, you can see it free right now on Netflix and I advise you to do so before reading my spoilers below.

I realized the movie can tell us about the sexual hang ups of the directors. I believe five of the six directors all have very similar sexual hang ups. And these are very common hang ups that many men have. But never before has a movie been so revealing about them.

What appears below contains spoilers.

Spoiler Warning

The various story lines are all loosely hung together by a paper-thin story as many anthologies are, and that “main story” does not display the sexual hang ups that I mentioned above. However, all five of the other shorts do display them. Consider each of these stories:

  1. Amateur Night – Some men go to a bar looking for women to sleep with. They find two. One of them is a succubus (female sex demon) who kills everyone.
  2. Second Honeymoon – A married couple go on a road trip. The husband is murdered in his sleep. We find out that the murderer is a woman who was intimately involved with his wife. And the wife is “in on it.” She doesn’t mind.
  3. Tuesday the 17th – A girl lures men into the woods to use them as bait to find a serial killer. The men come along because they are hoping to get sex. The serial killer kills everyone.
  4. The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger – A woman thinks she is in a haunted house and shows her boyfriend the ghosts on video chat. He assures her that everything will be fine. He is secretly working with the ghosts (that are actually aliens) to use her to grow strange alien babies inside of her body.
  5. 10/31/98 – Some men think they go to a Halloween party in a house and accidentally stumble upon a satanic ritual. They save a damsel in distress. She is a ghost or demon or something and gets them killed by making sure they are all stuck in a car on railroad tracks.

All these movies have pretty much the same storyline of someone hoping to have a sexual partner and being betrayed. All the victims are all killed other than the woman in the fourth story about the aliens. Also, that story was technically about a woman being betrayed by a man rather than the other way around. That was a bit of a twist at least.

I realized that almost all of the shorts show the same sexual hang up because I recently saw a video by Noah Antwiler (Spoony), who describes his experiences with roleplaying games. Noah has seen the same predictable stories over and over again—of men being betrayed by women. For example, succubuses that lure men to vulnerable situations in the hope for sex, damsels in distress who betray their heroes, and so on. Those two stories were literally in this movie, and there were three other versions of that type of story.

What exactly is this sexual hang up, and why do men have it? It seems to be anti-women considering how it puts women in a such a negative light. Perhaps they feel intimidated by women. Perhaps they feel like they are forced to make themselves vulnerable to women in order to satisfy their needs, and they are afraid of what might happen.


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