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Homeland Security and Pirated Movies

January 24, 2014

Homeland Security is an anti-terrorism organization that has been going after pirated movies. Because that’s terrorism, isn’t it?

Homeland Security has been seizing piracy websites, arresting people who sell pirated DVDs, and have recently harassed a guy wearing google glass.

I think it is obviously why this would happen. The government cares more about the rich than anyone else and will look for ways to help the rich. Having more power to lobby the government probably has something to do with it. Politicians look for ways to repay their benefactors. Movie companies have a lot of money and want the government to protect their interests. Government resources are being used to protect certain special interests that have a lot of money.

Piracy is illegal and we should use some resources to fight against it, but law enforcement lacks the resources to investigate various other crimes, such as rape; and law enforcement often does little to nothing against the worst white collar crimes.

I think people have let this slide and we should criticize homeland security for diverting resources from counter-terrorism (their job) to protecting the interests of the wealthy. If they want to become a general law enforcement organization, then they can start investigating rape and several other crimes that are not currently being investigated.




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