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Tabletop Games & Gamers

April 22, 2014

ADD_Players_Handbook_Old_p1Video games have been very popular over the years and people who play video games a lot are known as “gamers,” but there are also gamers who specialize in playing tabletop games — board games, card games, and roleplaying Games. Everyone has played certain board games and card games, such as UNO and Monopoly, but there are other tabletop games out there that are far superior. Tabletop connoisseurs have dominated a website called “Board Game Geek” and you can see how they have rated taletop games in such a way that the so-called classics almost always end up being quite far down on the list.  (One exception is an intensely strategic Asian game called Go.) Some of these games are also quite easy to learn, such as Ticket To Ride. I don’t necessarily agree with how everyone is rating these games, but I think that it sends an important message. The tabletop games that most people play are not necessarily the best, and there is a huge selection of games out there.

I am a big fan of tabletop games (mainly certain ones in particular), and I encourage people to look closer into the world of tabletop games. I have found that they are a good excuse to spend time with friends or make new friends in addition to enjoying the games themselves.

For some reason tabletop games exist almost solely from word of mouth and get very little media attention, but some of them have been very successful. Magic: the Gathering was probably the most successful game ever made (and perhaps it still is), and people who play the game often buy new cards (or play in an organized event) almost every week. I still meet people who have never heard of the game.

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