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Adventures of the Gummi Bears is Dungeons & Dragons

September 3, 2014

gummi-cartoonDungeons & Dragons introduces us to a swords & sorcery fantasy world of a certain type, which is mainly a mixture of Lord of the Rings & Conan (which were developed separately, loosely based on mythology, and were developed around the same time). The Dungeons & Dragons game itself was developed around 1978 and is known as the first roleplaying game using various rules to constrain the possibilities, but is also quite similar to the make believe games children play together.

I believe Dungeons & Dragons had a huge impact on culture and entertainment. The Adventures of the Gummi Bears and the Smurfs are two pretty good children’s cartoons in a world that I believe is based very closely on Dungeons & Dragons. (Gummi Bears is probably better than Smurfs, but I haven’t actually watched a lot either of those cartoons recently). I would highly recommend showing children Gummy Bears not only because it is a good show but also because it can mentally prepare young minds for playing Dungeons & Dragons (and other fantasy games) when they get older.

160x600 banner101bBut the list goes on. There was also a cartoon called “Dungeons and Dragons” and other cartoons that seemed to be greatly based on Dungeons & Dragons, such as  He-Man, She-Ra, Pirates of Dark Water, and Dragon Warrior (based on the Dragon Quest video games from Japan).

Japan has been even more faithful to Dungeons & Dragons with a ton of anime TV shows based on it, but these shows are likely to be more appealing to older children and teenagers. For example, Slayers, Rune Soldier, Record of Lodoss War, Sorcerer Hunters, Berserk, .hack (.hack//SIGN), Those Who Hunt Elves, Dragon Half, and the Heroic Legend of Arslan. Some people might argue that these shows are often based on Dragon Quest, but what do you think Dragon Quest is based on? If Dungeons and Dragons never existed, then Dragon Quest probably wouldn’t exist either.

There are three official Dungeons & Dragons movies, and they were not very good. Even so, there is one really good unofficial Dungeons & Dragons live action show called Game of Thrones, which is based on the novels in the series A Song of Ice & Fire. This is one of the best TV shows and people who have no familiarity or interest in Dungeons & Dragons still tend to love the show. (This article claims the author, George RR Martin, played Dungeons & Dragons.)

It is sad that the official Dungeons & Dragons movies haven’t done well, but I think it can be done and various TV shows ranging from Gummi Bears and Game of Thrones proves that this type of fantasy world can be worth watching.

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