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Some Thoughts on Shirtstorm

November 20, 2014

Matt Taylor wore a shirt on TV featuring pin up girls while talking about the Rosetta Mission. It made some people upset and somehow this has become a huge topic of conversation. A lot of men particularly seem upset that many women thought there was a problem with the shirt, and many continue to think women shouldn’t have said anything, even after I try to explain why I think the women have a point.

Here’s how I see it: Taylor didn’t think there was anything wrong with his shirt. He didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Even so, many women thought the shirt conveyed a sexist message (whether it was intended or not): That women’s primary value is as sex partners (or something like that). They thought it gave a message of sexual objectification (even if unintended). They did not generally “attack” Taylor or think we should ban shirts like that.

If you did something that people thought conveyed a sexist message, would you want anyone to point it out or just keep their mouth shut? I think it would often be important to know about things like that. I don’t think it is reasonable that many people are saying the women should have just kept their mouths shut.

  • Many of the relevant twitter messages can be found here.
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