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Police Brutality is Out of Control

August 24, 2014

The police have such a scary job, that they have to use deadly force at a moment’s notice. Except in Iceland, where the police have only killed one person, and they generally don’t even see the need to be armed.

Actually, the number of police officers killed each year has been going down over the last several years, but the number of people the police kill has been about the same. Fewer cops are now killed on the job than the last fifty years or so. The police do have a dangerous job, but it doesn’t always even make the cut for the top 10 most dangerous jobs. Read more…


Are Goblins Evil?

July 5, 2014

Games like Dungeons & Dragons tell us that Goblins are evil. It’s also the impression you might get from movies (such as the Lord of the Rings movies). What does it mean to be evil? It is likely to remind us of cartoon villains and malicious sadism. According to Dungeons & Dragons third edition, we can define good and evil in the following way: Read more…

Tabletop Games & Gamers

April 22, 2014

ADD_Players_Handbook_Old_p1Video games have been very popular over the years and people who play video games a lot are known as “gamers,” but there are also gamers who specialize in playing tabletop games — board games, card games, and roleplaying Games. Everyone has played certain board games and card games, such as UNO and Monopoly, but there are other tabletop games out there that are far superior. Tabletop connoisseurs have dominated a website called “Board Game Geek” and you can see how they have rated taletop games in such a way that the so-called classics almost always end up being quite far down on the list.  (One exception is an intensely strategic Asian game called Go.) Some of these games are also quite easy to learn, such as Ticket To Ride. I don’t necessarily agree with how everyone is rating these games, but I think that it sends an important message. The tabletop games that most people play are not necessarily the best, and there is a huge selection of games out there. Read more…

Why I Like The Martial Arts Movie Formula

April 21, 2014

I believe one of the most successful and entertaining movie formulas is the martial arts movie. They are probably based on Westerns, but they actually improve on the Western formula. A Western is usually a movie about a “bad guy” and the good guy has to defeat the bad guy — usually by shooting the bad guy. Martial Arts movies are pretty much the same, but they focus on hand to hand combat or short-range weapons (like swords) — and martial arts movies usually involve something that enables the good guy to win (who probably couldn’t win otherwise), such as education (training), and we know we will get a good fight at the end against the bad guy (and truly impressive martial arts skills can be displayed). Read more…

Mattson’s Review of Noah (Updated 4/7/14)

April 6, 2014

A lot of Christians want you to read “Sympathy for the Devil,” a review of the Noah movie (by Mattson, a theologian) that talks about how it has some themes from kabbalah.

Not everyone agrees with the reviewer about all of his points and some Christians are now against the Noah movie for ethical reasons. Why would they be against the movie for ethical reasons? I have been told the movie is anti-Christian and made to deceive people. Read more…

Homeland Security and Pirated Movies

January 24, 2014

Homeland Security is an anti-terrorism organization that has been going after pirated movies. Because that’s terrorism, isn’t it?

Homeland Security has been seizing piracy websites, arresting people who sell pirated DVDs, and have recently harassed a guy wearing google glass.

I think it is obviously why this would happen. The government cares more about the rich than anyone else and will look for ways to help the rich. Having more power to lobby the government probably has something to do with it. Politicians look for ways to repay their benefactors. Movie companies have a lot of money and want the government to protect their interests. Government resources are being used to protect certain special interests that have a lot of money.

Piracy is illegal and we should use some resources to fight against it, but law enforcement lacks the resources to investigate various other crimes, such as rape; and law enforcement often does little to nothing against the worst white collar crimes.

I think people have let this slide and we should criticize homeland security for diverting resources from counter-terrorism (their job) to protecting the interests of the wealthy. If they want to become a general law enforcement organization, then they can start investigating rape and several other crimes that are not currently being investigated.




Peter Williams vs Russ Shafer-Landau

December 30, 2013

Peter S. Williams discussed Russ Shafer-Landau’s arguments about why we should not think objective morality requires God. If Shafer-Landau is correct, then objective morality could exist, even if God doesn’t exist. Although Williams constantly talks about “objective moral values,” Shafer-Landau’s main concern is moral realism. I will take a look at what Williams has to say about Shafer-Landau’s arguments and offer a response. Read more…